Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Back by popular demand

I just finished the third series of "Upcycle Fetish" bicycle racks. Once again it took a long time to collect the proper bicycle parts from flea markets, bicycle workshops, scrap dealers and tinkerers. And once again, cleaning the parts from their previous owners´ remnants occupied a considerable amount of time. But then came the fun part: choosing which handle bar goes with which seat and which handle bar tape. The possible combinations were endless. The result is a mixture of technical necessity and personal taste. When mounted properly all racks are constructed to carry a bicycle. But as you can see I took the racks to an additional strain test and - Bingo. See the full "Upcycle Fetish" range in my shop.

Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

Making Life

After having spent much time in creating "Upcycle Fetishes" (see below) it was time to return to making letters. Once again, Frederic W. Goudy´s book "The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering" was my inspiration for visualizing "the birth of the alphabet". The embryos are sculpted from polymer clay then colored and coated with raisin. Originally I planned to cast them in clear polyester glass resin. But since the glass bowls I found at the flea market were a little too big for that, I switched to gel wax. It was a tricky process: I wanted the gel wax to be highly fluid and therefore had to heat it for hours. The embryos needed to be suspended in the middle of the glass bowl, the liquid wax was carefully filled into the bowl, heated again and finally the bowl had to be sealed. Whoever worked with gel wax knows that it is impossible to avoid air bubbles. And while in the beginning I was discontent with the exhibits featuring bubbles, I now find that it fits to the concept of a living and breathing letter. See the Exhibits 31-34 in my Behance Gallery.

Dienstag, 8. April 2014


Feedback to my first set of "Upcycle Fetishes" was overwhelming. Now the second run of 17 pieces is finished, with the majority of fetishes suitable for hanging your beloved racing bicycle on the wall. See the gallery.

Freitag, 4. April 2014


Once again I set out to collect used handlebars, seats and stems and soon the new set is about to be finished.

Sonntag, 15. September 2013


On September 11th 2013 T.C. Boyle held a reading at the Vienna city hall for the annual city council event "One City - One Book". 100.000 copies of Boyle´s novel "The Tortilla Curtain" (1994, "América" in German) are distributed for free at various locations all over town. On this occasion, I was given the honour to present Mr. Boyle with a corrugated cardboard-cut portrait of the admirable writer, which I fabricated in 2009. Treasured moments.

Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Upcyle Fetish

The idea for the Upcycle Fetishes popped up while visiting a bicycle flea market. I started collecting discarded seats, stems and handle bars from dumps, scrap dealers and used bike workshops. I invested in a Bosch router and learned how to mill the mounting plate from wood leftovers. When I was half through the cleaning, milling, screwing and filing I found that Pablo Picasso has had the same idea with his "cabeza de toro". But whereas Picasso crafted a piece of art, I wanted my fetishes to serve a purpose. Originally I planned to build bicycle hangers but not all of the stems and handle bars were suited for this. In the end, the result is an array of "fetish hangers" with each hanger assembled to carry heavy load. See the whole set on Behance.


Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

Exhibits 28, 29, 30

 This series in my project "Evolution of Type" is about the birth of letters. I chose A, B, C, the first letters of the alphabet, representative for all. "A" is completely made out of wood, "B" consists of wood and polymer clay. "C" carries spawn made out of polyester glass casting resin. I wanted each translucent egg to carry a little "c" inside, so I built a silicone mold around glass marbles. After the mold hardended, I took out the marbles and I filled the lower half of the mold with resin and placed the "c"s on the hemispheres. Then I closed the mold with the upper half and topped it up with resin. The finished eggs did not need to be polished - the cold glaze finish made them shiny. It is a bit tricky (and sticky) to work with all this synthetics and patience is needed. But the results are worth the effort. See the whole series on Behance.

Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Letter Fossils

I remember that in primary school we tinkered "our own fossil" with gypsum, leaves and twigs. With a little bit of technical refinement I managed to recreate fossilized letters for the ongoing project "Evolution of Type". Basically all it takes is much plasticine as a mold, a flat wooden letter, some stones for the fossil´s surface and some chicken bones. Here is the whole project.


Sonntag, 19. August 2012


With some cardboard left and the acrylics sitting on the shelf, I drew a picture of 2 "speechbubbling" letters. Of course, one letter would speak one letter. In the end this one letter conversation results in some sense. And as it goes, what started with one picture ended with four ideas. See this project here.

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

DIY "business" cards

Tons of little old black & white photographs from the flea market plus a custom made rubber stamp: My new business cards. I deliberately chose "boring" landscape pictures roughly the size of a modern business card. The pictures show unspectacular scenery but yet must have been of some importance for the triggering photographer at a certain moment. Maybe the person identified the bad pictures but at these times a photo was too precious a thing to throw away. Now they slide into a second life.

Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012


I have the honor to be featured in the wonderful book "Typoholic". The publisher "viction:ary" presents part of my work on 6 pages. My letters can be seen next to a number of excellent pieces of work from top creatives that makes this book a hub for inspiration and well worth a look. Available here and in good book stores.